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So this post is to address some of the limitations we face as humans in our pursuit of “The Truth”! So often we find that people wish to live as Plato’s prisoners: within a lie that their senses provide them. To live with the deception that our senses convince us as truth. I am reminded […]

Welcome! Thank you for being a part of this community. So far we have read for class: Parker J. Palmer’s Community of Truth, Adrienne Rich’s Claiming an Education, Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, and Plato’s (Allegory of) The Cave. The ideas we are initially wrestling with are those of education, truth and classic structure of […]

What has been tickling me is the figure/ ground illusion that was in chapter seven in The Thompson Handbook (the above is a similar one) and Plato’s discussion about trusting our senses in the Allegory of the Cave. What do you see in the following pictures? *** Perhaps you see the cartoon man with a […]