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What has been tickling me is the figure/ ground illusion that was in chapter seven in The Thompson Handbook (the above is a similar one) and Plato’s discussion about trusting our senses in the Allegory of the Cave. What do you see in the following pictures? *** Perhaps you see the cartoon man with a […]

Palmer’s Community of Truth Communion: N 1.) An action or situation involving sharing: (a): possession in common: joint ownership: the state of possessions thus held. (b): a function performed jointly: an interrelation in activity: an interdependent working together or cooperation. 2.) usually capitalized (a): the Eucharist: the Lord’s Supper (b): the celebration of the Eucharist […]

WELCOME! If you have found yourself on this page you are most likely a member of Rider University’s Composition or better known as CMP 120 class with Professor Kelly Lake. If not, I have no idea how you got here! I am hoping that at this point you have received my invite to join […]